Negotiations with Salem Health

July 01, 2018
By Regence

***UPDATED APRIL 20, 2019***

To Our Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon Members,

We work with hospitals, medical groups and other providers to control costs and ensure high-quality care for you, our members. We take this job seriously and do our best to never put you in the middle.

Holding the line against expensive care

Despite meeting Salem Health more than halfway in ongoing negotiations, their leadership continues to demand even more. While we strongly believe doctors, nurses and other should be fairly compensated, Salem Health continues to demand a double-digit increase. Overall, our members in Marion and Polk counties would see their health care costs at Salem Health rise by almost 30% from 2016 levels if these demands are met. As your advocate for high quality and affordable care, we are holding the line.

Salem Health’s demands would make it one of the most expensive hospitals in Oregon compared to those of similar size and quality. It’s time for Salem Health to stop demanding unreasonable pay increases and put patients first, not profits.

For members who visit Salem Health

  • While we continue to work towards a new agreement that best serves our members and helps control costs, Salem Health Professional Services (SHPS)—a group of medical professionals separate from the hospital—remains out of network for Regence members.
  • Regence members may continue to use in-network benefits with Salem Health hospitals through at least June 30, 2019, while negotiations continue. This includes Salem Health and Salem Health West Valley.
  • For Medicare, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provide additional protections from balance billing, so we can continue covering in-network benefits for our Medicare Advantage members through Dec. 31, 2019.
  • Regence contracts with other local, in-network providers who share our commitment to affordable care.
  • Our Customer Service team is ready to help and connect you with resources so you receive uninterrupted care and coverage from other in-network providers.
  • To learn more about your options for high-quality, affordable care, call us at the number on the back of your Regence member ID card or visit We are here to help connect you to the care you need, close to home.

Take action and tell Salem Health to compromise

If you are interested in making your voice heard, please consider sending Salem Health’s CEO an email asking them to continue with negotiations and come to a reasonable agreement instead of creating unnecessary disruption for patients and their families. More information below. 

We will update this page as negotiations with Salem Health continue.


Subject line: Salem Health: please compromise today!


Dear Salem Health Leadership,

Higher health care costs affect all of us, and we must all work together to find solutions that prioritize patient health, affordability, and local access to quality care.

Today I am respectfully asking you to take us out of the middle of your ongoing negotiation with Regence and do what is right by coming to an agreement that maintains affordable, high-quality care access. 

Thank you for prioritizing long-term community health and stability over short-term profits.