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Faces of Fearless winner - Regence BlueShield

By Regence | May 26, 2017

Earlier this year, we invited members to share their personal stories that inspire and embody the joy and possibility of what it means to Live Fearless in an effort to celebrate our members and the many Faces of Fearless who are overcoming challenges each and every day. We received many outstanding submissions about stepping outside of a comfort zone to embrace a new possibility, overcoming an obstacle, or honoring personal truth. Below is the winning submission from Regence BlueShield member Lisa Marshall.

I had my 2 sisters pass away within 4 years. They both overdosed on drugs. It devastated myself and my entire family. I went into a depression for several years. I used my insurance to get counseling and anti-depressants. It was the only way to function without crying all the time. During this time I gained 30 pounds. Around November of 2016, I had enough of the way I was feeling. I needed to try something else to feel better. One of my sisters and I had been workout partners years ago and I didn't feel comfortable going back to that gym, because of all the memories. I joined a different gym and started going several times a week. I was able to significantly reduce the amount of anti-depressants I was taking.

The best part was my energy and the way I felt. Exercise really is one of the best things for mental health. I have now lost that 30 lbs and I did it naturally. I was able to lower my cholesterol level (which is perfect now). I will continue to exercise for my well being. I have been told I am inspiring for others. I mostly did it for my own well being, but if I can help others along the way, that's great. I truly believe in preventive care and exercise.


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