Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge aims to raise $1 million for housing nonprofits

By Hanna Herrin
December 10, 2019

With a goal this year of $1 million, the challenge will help more Idahoans achieve access to safe, stable, affordable housing – a critical determinant of health.

Pictured above: Regence BlueShield of Idaho employees volunteer with Idaho’s housing nonprofits, like Habitat for Humanity, throughout the year.

Thousands of Idahoans are expected to participate in the ninth-annual Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge, which begins Thursday, Dec. 12. The goal is set at $1 million raised for local nonprofits, which will help ensure that Idahoans in need have access to affordable housing and supportive services.

Organized through the Idaho Housing and Finance Association, this three-week-long funding challenge encourages support and resources for housing nonprofits and services throughout Idaho. Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity, Idaho Youth Ranch and Catch are just a few of the 80 organizations that will participate in the challenge this year.

“Safe, stable and affordable housing is a critical need, here in Idaho,” said Deanna Ward, director of development at the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. “The Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge is a great way for the community to get involved and help impact the organizations that are addressing this need.”

Alongside local business partners, Regence BlueShield of Idaho supports safe, affordable housing in Idaho through year-round community partnerships; the Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge is a critical part of this commitment in 2019.


Regence BlueShield of Idaho President Sean Robbins believes that the key to investing in the health of people is to start by addressing basic needs: the social determinants of health that often have a far-reaching impact on the overall health and wellbeing of communities.

“We have to keep people well,” said Sean Robbins. “And if we invest in their health and nutrition on the front end, we believe that we have a shot to bend the cost curve of health care.”

Watch as he shares more about the impact of this challenge and how the community can get involved:

The Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge begins on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 8 a.m. MST and will run through Tuesday, Dec. 31. Visit www.avenuesforhope.org for more details and to participate.