Coming together for Roseburg

By Angela Dowling, President, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
October 06, 2015
coming together for roseburg

“May we forever prove (by our action) that people can join together for mutual benefit and greater good."
Governor Tom McCall, Farewell address to the Oregon Legislature in 1975

One can only hope that Governor Tom McCall never envisioned such a tragedy as we have seen in Roseburg, yet his message upon leaving office speaks forever to the collective spirit of Oregon. We stand united and we join together in our action, particularly in these most difficult of times. It’s who we are as a state and it’s who we are as Oregonians.

We are all still reeling in the realization of last week’s tragic shooting. Images of Umpqua Community College and those injured and killed continue to lead the national news. Those who call Roseburg home remain in a state of shock, sadness and disbelief. The impact in the Roseburg community, throughout our state, and across our nation will undoubtedly be felt for some time to come.

We cannot reverse the actions that have transpired and the lives lost, but we can shine Oregon’s collective light into this period of deep darkness. I commend local businesses like Roseburg Forest Products, Umpqua Bank and Mercy Medical Center for coming together to offer financial, emotional and medical support. These organizations, and many others, make up the fabric of Roseburg’s community. Their strength is helping those who are grieving get back on their feet.

Regence will certainly stand with our community partners in this effort, and I would encourage all Oregon businesses to consider doing the same. We and our corporate Foundation have donated $10,000 to the Umpqua Community College relief fund, have funded 13 trauma counselors to help those most impacted, and are providing a 50% match as encouragement to our employees wish to support the United Way’s Umpqua Community College relief fund. We do this because we are joined together by our actions, because it is what is needed most and what is needed now. We do this because we are Oregonians and that’s what Oregonians do.

The community of Roseburg is in our thoughts. We wish them strength and courage during these trying times.