Connecting Regence BlueShield members in Washington to mental health care

By Regence
July 20, 2020
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Quartet offers patients in-person or virtual care options

Mental health and physical health are closely connected and can affect one another in multiple ways. Everyday stress, anxiety, ongoing physical pain, trouble sleeping, and prolonged periods of sadness and hopelessness are just some of the symptoms that can be better managed with mental health care. Prioritizing better overall health and well-being is all the more important as communities continue to manage COVID-19.

One in five people live with a mental health condition, yet 60 percent don’t receive the right care. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the right mental health care in today’s health care system. Many people often don’t know where to start, or are given numbers to call, only to find that mental health providers cannot accept new patients. Sometimes people searching for support and resources can’t get through to a provider at all.

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To address these challenges, we’ve partnered with Quartet to make it easier for Regence BlueShield members in Washington to get the mental health care they need. Through Quartet, members can be matched to mental health care based on their needs, preferences and health plan benefits.

Quartet works with a network of mental health providers who offer in-person and virtual care. For members who need extra support on their care journey, Quartet also offers a team of Care Navigators who are available to help. Regence members can click here to learn more and sign up for Quartet.