Employee Wellness Plans Encourage Healthier Lifestyles

By Regence
August 26, 2016

In the United States, more than 68% of adults are overweight or obese and more than 1 in 20 have extreme obesity. However, it’s not just adults. The number of children who suffer from obesity is steadily increasing.  Obesity at a young age can lead to heart disease, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and asthma. Those who are obese spend, on average, 41.5 percent more in medical spending than those who maintain a healthy weight.

As a father of two young children, Regence BlueShield Market Vice President Andrew Over works hard to drive home the importance of a healthy lifestyle.In a recent article published in the Portland Business Journal, Andrew discusses the importance of imparting a healthy lifestyle onto kids by encouraging frequent activity and healthy eating. In that same vein, Regence adopted employee wellness programs to encourage and improve the health and wellbeing of its employees.

You can learn more about our efforts to encourage families to healthier lifestyles by reading “Why employee wellness plans matter” in the Portland Business Journal.