How home-based care offers convenient and cost-effective treatment options

By Regence
October 18, 2022
in-home nurse

Regence Health Policy Center releases policy summary for home-based care

Launched this summer, the Regence Health Policy Center collaborates with industry stakeholders to inform, debate and advance policy solutions that improve affordability, increase access, and promote a person-focused health care system.

Recently the Regence Health Policy Center released its policy summary that examines the resurgence of home-based care and how it offers patients convenient and cost-effect treatment options. This includes different home-based care models like DispatchHealth, Strive Health, Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Huntsman at Home and Empowerment Counseling Services. The full policy summary is available online, which includes how home-based care:

  • Advances person-focused care by equipping providers with a layer of insight to the social drivers that contribute to a patient’s health
  • Reduces hospital-acquired infections, decreases risk of exposure to other illnesses, and reduces other clinical complications
  • Improves patient satisfaction, reduces readmission rates, and lowers costs when compared to facility-based care

“Regence strongly supports increased patient access to home-based care services,” says Vince Porter, executive director of the Regence Health Policy Center. “Our summary highlights the demonstrated value of proven models and includes policy recommendations to foster continued growth and adoption.” (You can read more about home-based care in Porter’s Q&A with State of Reform.)

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