Multiyear agreement reached with EyeHealth Northwest

By Regence
April 04, 2024

Last year, after issuing Regence a contract termination notice, EyeHealth Northwest removed its ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) from the Regence network.

We understand how disruptive provider terminations are to all involved and we work hard to avoid them, while holding the line on skyrocketing health care costs.

We are pleased to report we have reached a multiyear agreement to keep EyeHealth Northwest’s medical services in network and bring ASCs back in network on May 15, 2024.

Like all insurance companies, Regence regularly negotiates with hospitals and provider systems on treatment costs. In most cases, these negotiations are routine business and never become public knowledge because they are resolved before member notice is required. This is the best-case scenario and we are pleased to have achieved this with EyeHealth Northwest for medical eye services.