Our new webinar series positions producers as employer allies

By Jim Walton, Vice President of Sales, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
September 01, 2015

Pioneering innovative solutions for our producers and customers, Regence is reaching out in new ways with a proactive approach to employers’ health care challenges. We know that navigating the shifting landscape of health care can be daunting, so we developed an interactive webinar series to help our producers stay on top of new developments, making them informed and trusted allies for their customers.  

Tailored to customers’ needs: Employers can be overwhelmed by the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements, financial business constraints and today’s workforce expectations. With all the changes, it’s clear that employers could use a little guidance. That’s why the Regence webinars focus on the high-priority issues that customers face. The holistic solutions we offer to help employers manage costs and support workforce wellness can’t be conveyed by mere numbers on a spreadsheet. The webinars provide an ideal platform to explain our creative approaches and help producers show employers how our offerings make a real difference both in operational and human terms.

We’ve assembled top industry experts to conduct the webinars. On the forefront of health care, these experts bring comprehensive perspectives and strategic insights to the issues at hand. We also structured the webinar series in easy-to-follow formats and made them interactive to create an inviting educational forum.

We’re launching the series on Tuesday September 8 with a primer on navigating the ACA. Participants will learn about ACA compliance and reporting requirements, get the latest information on the Excise Tax and gain valuable insights to engage large employers on the topic of health care reform. In learning more about this critical legislation, our producers can position themselves as true assets to their customers. Producers can sign up for the webinar here.

At Regence, we see the whole picture. The webinar series is a great channel to get producers acquainted with our integrated solutions that holistically address a range of employers’ issues. In addition, this interactive collaboration strengthens our relationships by empowering producers to build their business, heighten their awareness and help their customers meet the demands of an evolving health care market. The new series also offers Regence a progressive way to provide exceptional customer service and communicate our true value to producers and their customers.