Prevent sticker shock: Shop pharmacy and medication options for the best price

By Regence
August 31, 2022
prescription medications

About nine percent of all new prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy. When medications are not taken as prescribed, it can lead to more serious illness and ultimately higher costs. That percentage goes up as out-of-pocket costs increase.

Regence helps members manage medication costs and avoid sticker shock with our medication price comparison tool. This easy-to-use online tool enables you to research medications and conveniently compare out-of-pocket costs at your local pharmacies, based on your insurance coverage. 

Lower pharmacy costs by comparing options with your doctor

One Regence member did just that. While picking up a prescription after a dermatology appointment, the member was shocked to learn the medication cost $250 a month. Before paying for it, the member used the Regence app to find alternatives to the same medication. They found an equally effective and less costly option using the medication comparison tool. The member called their doctor and asked if they could be switched to the less expensive option. The doctor’s office sent a new prescription to the member’s pharmacy right away. It cost $25 a month instead of $250.

Physicians may not always be aware of all the available medications, which is why Regence offers you an easy way to look up medications for different conditions. This helps you partner with your doctor to make the best treatment decisions together. Regence also makes it easy for you to connect with specially trained pharmacists to review your medications for common interactions, safety concerns and cost-saving options.  

In another example, a large employer encouraged its employees taking cholesterol medication to use Regence’s medication comparison tool. The campaign resulted in 11 percent of employees switching to lower-cost medications, decreasing their average cost per fill by over 50%, from $36.66 to $15.44.

The first step in making prescriptions more affordable is disclosing their costs. But price transparency alone is not enough—by helping members also understand drug quality, safety and effectiveness, you are empowered to find choices that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

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