Providing high quality, affordable care with ActiveCare

By Don Antonucci, President, Regence BlueShield
January 22, 2015

The subject of accountable care networks is a hot topic of discussion in the health care industry today as employers look to provide quality care at an affordable price. Based on the learnings and successes of nearly 50 collaborative care agreements across our four-state footprint, Regence has launched a product for employers called ActiveCare.

Consumers and providers alike are benefitting from this model; ActiveCare offers consumers access to some of our region’s top health care providers and providers are embracing ActiveCare as it’s an opportunity to better collaborate with patients, improve quality of care, and contain costs.

I’m proud to share that four of Washington’s top provider organizations are on board: UW Medicine, The Everett Clinic, EvergreenHealth Partners and Virginia Mason, and MultiCare. ActiveCare is also available in Oregon where we’ve partnered with Legacy, MyChoice NW (a partnership with Adventist Health and Tuality Healthcare) and Willamette Valley Health Solutions.

Providers have already expressed their enthusiasm about the partnerships. “Quality in medicine really can lower costs,” says Rick Cooper, CEO of The Everett Clinic. “When you do a good job of preventive care and provide the best care for chronic conditions, patients have fewer visits to the ER, fewer medical visits, and as a result, lower costs. Our team of providers is committed to keeping costs down while ensuring high quality care, and this plan is a good fit.”

Currently, more than 160,000 members are receiving care from providers participating in collaborative care agreements and early results indicate that these members receive higher quality, more cost-effective care.

If you or your customers are interested in learning more about ActiveCare, please visit our Oregon or Washington websites for more information.