Regence 360Me rolls out, ready to change workplace wellness

By Michael Cochran, Director of Wellness and Productivity
February 18, 2015

For months now, we’ve been telling you about our plans to turn workplace wellness on end. Well, the wait is over. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new health and productivity program, Regence 360MeSM.  It’s a whole new way for employers to create a culture of health—one that focuses on improving whole-person well-being and productivity for employees.

At Regence, we believe health and productivity go hand in hand. And, apparently, we’re not alone in this thinking. A recent Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health study indicates, “seven in 10 companies identify developing a workplace culture where employees are responsible for their health as critical, and understand its importance as a top priority of their health and productivity program.”

It’s clear: When people feel well, physically and emotionally, they are more engaged, motivated and productive at home and at work. Improving employee health and productivity is a business imperative, not merely a nice-to-have employee perk. That’s why we created Regence 360Me.

What makes Regence 360Me different?

Unlike traditional check-the-box wellness programs, Regence 360Me combines online wellness resources through with unique “feet-on-the-street” support to increase employee engagement, improve health and bend the cost curve.

Regence 360Me offers three products to support employers based on where their organization is in terms of health and wellness program evolution and budget—whether building awareness, driving engagement or inspiring outcomes. Each product offers a range of benefits for employers and employees, including a flexible, online portal and mobile services, consulting, coaching, and reporting and analytics. Integration with the Regence portfolio provides innovative solutions that can be tailored to meet a company’s needs and forge a culture of health.