Regence Customer Service teams win multiple awards

By Regence
June 16, 2022

When a member contacts our Customer Service team, whether by phone, email or through the Regence app, they’re often dealing with a real-life health care issue or helping a loved one. Our representatives are trained to be a caring and compassionate resource during these stressful times, often going above and beyond to help answer questions and resolve issues.

Earlier this year, several Regence Customer Service team members were recognized for their high-quality work by Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group during the 23rd Annual Contact Center Industry Virtual Awards Ceremony. And we couldn’t be more proud.

SQM’s awards are considered one of the most prestigious in the call center industry. They recognize excellence in first call resolution (FCR), customer experience and FCR best practices throughout North America. Awarded each year, they are based on surveys taken by both call center customers and employees who work in call centers.

At this year’s ceremony, our Federal Employee Program (FEP) Customer Service team was the sole recipient of the FCR Best Practice Award for Customer Experience Journey Mapping. This award recognizes the team’s success in improving the experience for member-submitted claims.

At the ceremony, Glenna Toledo, Regence’s assistant director of FEP Operations, thanked her team saying, “Each of our members experience a unique health care journey. Thank you for walking a mile in their shoes to eliminate abrasion in their paths, create shortcuts and influence their decisions! You are a dynamic force that serves from the heart!” 

For the second year in a row, FEP was recognized for being one of only 24 contact centers to be designated Call Center World Class FCR Certified based on the Customer Service team’s ability to resolve 80% or more member issues on the first call for three consecutive months.

Additionally, our whole Customer Service team won the World Class Employee Experience award recognizing organizations in which 50% or more of employees rate their overall experience of working in the contact center as very satisfied. SQM World Class Certification was also awarded to 13 customer service supervisors and 176 customer service representatives for creating a satisfying experience and resolving member calls. Regence was one of just nine North American organizations to receive this award.

Going above and beyond for members

SQM winner
Deleesa Williams

Our customer service specialists go above and beyond every day. Deleesa Williams regularly calls new members to ensure they get off to a good start with their new insurance plan. On one of Deleesa's welcoming calls, she met a member who was struggling to access mental health support. The member was grieving her son's death, managing her father's hospice care, and trying to manage her own mental health. Because she was no longer able to see her previous mental health provider, the member needed to find a new one.

Deleesa did not know the specifics of the member’s circumstances, but she sensed the member was struggling and wanted to help her. She reached out to numerous mental health providers, but quickly learned the ones who accepted the member’s new insurance were not available for months. Undeterred and determined, Deleesa kept searching until she found a provider who could see the new member within a week.

We’re here to help

Deleesa’s story of compassion and perseverance is just one of many examples of how our award-winning customer service is here to help our members. Regence members can sign into their online account at to learn about their health plan benefits, search for in-network providers and estimate costs. Our customer service representatives can be reached by calling us at the number on the back of your member ID card. Live online chat assistance is also available when you sign into your account at