Regence Honors Customer Service Heroes

By Regence
April 27, 2018
Annual winners Autum and Marlee

Photo Caption: Ian Gordon, Senior Vice President of Health Plan Operations, Autum Hall and Maralee Gilbert, winners of the Service Hero Awards,​ Mark Ganz, CEO

Regence recently celebrated the remarkable people on the front lines helping our members navigate their health journeys through the Annual Service Hero Awards. This year, the celebration included past Annual Service Heroes and new monthly Service Heroes who serve behind the scenes to make a positive impact with customers.

The winners of the Service Hero Awards were Autum Hall, a Customer Service Ambassador and Maralee Gilbert, a Performance Integrity Analyst. Both Service Heroes put the member first and helped meet their needs in a very personal and impactful way.

Member stories

Autum was recognized for providing a member options for a new primary care physician who could see him before his medication for chronic pain ran out. She called the doctor's office, making sure the member had what he needed. The member said she made his entire life more positive and he thanked her for “sticking with it to help me out”.

Maralee’s award was for her role in auditing a claim procedure and changing it to better meet members’ needs. 

Congratulations, Maralee and Autum, on being named Annual Service Heroes!