Regence palliative care featured by AARP

By Regence
January 18, 2018

Regence has been at the forefront of the palliative care conversation for several years and we are proud that we provide our members with access to one of the country’s most comprehensive benefits.

After recently adding remission support, we caught the interest of AARP, who spoke to Regence’s palliative care program director, Lee Spears. She provided an overview of how our program helps those who are moving from managing a chronic condition to remission.  People and their caregivers now have access to the same level of support as they transition from managing their condition, to remission and recovery. 

Since launching our palliative care program Regence has sought opportunities to expand benefits to better serve our customers and their caregivers – we now cover the full spectrum of palliative care – from birth, through remission or natural end of life. Learn more about our palliative care program here.

Read the full article “Palliative Care for Patients in Remission” in AARP.