Regence’s Dr. Amy Khan steps up to the microphone to take on listeners’ COVID-19 concerns

By Regence
April 16, 2020
Regence Executive Medical Director Dr. Amy Kahn

Every week since March 3, Regence Executive Medical Director Dr. Amy Khan has addressed the COVID-19 questions and concerns of radio listeners across southern Idaho. 670 KBOI morning show hosts Chris Walton and Mike Kasper speak with Dr. Khan every Tuesday morning at 7:05 a.m. during a popular segment known as the Medical Moment. During their time together, the hosts and Dr. Khan conduct what amounts to a radio house call.

In mid-March, Dr. Khan introduced and explained the importance of social distancing. She also suggested that beyond food and paper products, we all need to plan ahead for our medication needs – including prescription drugs and over-the-counter items. Click below to listen to the March 17 segment:

Later in March and in early April, she visited with Mike and Chris to discuss myths surrounding COVID-19 and some “home remedies” that are rumored to be effective. Spoiler alert – Dr. Kahn confirms there’s no medical basis for claims that garlic does anything helpful against coronaviruses, though it does add a little extra character to spaghetti sauce. Click below to listen to April 7 segment.

Finally, Dr. Khan also took a little time to encourage listeners to stay active, even as they stay home to practice social distancing to bend the curve of COVID-19. Listen to the April 14 segment below.

In addition to the Medical Moment segment on Idaho’s most powerful radio station, Dr. Khan joins her fellow Regence medical directors in sharing more detailed COVID-19 and other health and well-being information on the Regence Newsroom and on LinkedIn. More information can also be found on Regence’s COVID-19 page.