Regence’s Dr. Jim Polo on Oregon’s “mental health days” law and combatting stigma

By Regence
August 06, 2019

Dr. Jim Polo, behavioral health medical director at Regence, recently shared his perspective on Oregon’s “mental health days” law with The Oregonian/OregonLive, describing how he believes it will help address mental health stigma in schools as well as encourage ways we can better support youth in general.

“We need to advocate for a closer partnership between parents, school administrators, and the health care system,” says Polo. “Ensuring that these communities receive additional support from health care providers is a critical step in helping young people manage these issues before they escalate into adulthood.”

Polo also notes that continued education around mental health and available resources are necessary to combat stigma and help address student health more holistically.

Read the full op ed here on OregonLive.