Service in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Regence
January 24, 2020
Marys Place

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy of service, Regence partnered with multiple organizations to offer volunteer opportunities across the communities we proudly serve. These events are just one of the many ways that Regence and our employees give back throughout the year to causes and community partners making a difference.

Our employees shared what they did and why they felt compelled to give their time.

Helping others look and feel their best

When was the last time you sat through a job interview? Do you remember feeling anxious and thinking about different interview questions, if the place was a good fit, or if you were wearing the right outfit?

Dress for Success Oregon makes sure the answer is “yes!” as to whether you feel confident with your outfit choice. The organization empowers women to achieve economic independence by helping them look and feel their best for job interviews—and by providing them with tools to help nail the interview and thrive in a new job. That feeling of support and warmth was clear when I marched through the doors to volunteer as part of the MLK Weekend of Service. Alongside other Regence colleagues in blue, we sorted through clothes and shoes to identify the highest-quality items that would help those in need put their best foot forward.

We capped the day by going around the room reflecting on what volunteering means to us. The theme of unity, even amongst an extremely diverse group of volunteers, was echoed many times. For me, volunteering over MLK weekend is a personal way to honor Dr. King’s legacy by giving back to my community and those who could use a boost. Through the shift, it was also great to form closer bonds with colleagues. This year’s Weekend of Service was a beautiful tribute to honor the efforts of those who fought for equality and help ensure we all have the opportunity to achieve our dreams in life.

– Kilaa Slaughter, Portland


Volunteering all in the family

Why do I give back? Because I can. I am blessed in my life, and have faith knowing that it will be fine if I give a few hours a week through volunteering to serve or donate a small portion of my paycheck to help make the world a better place.

Food is one of those basic essentials that everyone needs to progress and better their own lives. Over the weekend I volunteered at the Idaho Foodbank for the MLK Day of Service—an organization I love returning to whenever possible. This time, my kids were able to join. We worked side-by-side with over 20 volunteers assembling 2,240 food backpacks for kids. These backpacks will be taken home over the weekend to provide children with nutrition outside of school. It’s great to know that the backpacks will fill an immediate need in my community.

I’m thankful to work for a company that emphasizes giving back and provides opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. The fact that I was able to share this experience with my kids made the weekend even more special.

– George Aston, Boise


Standing side by side

I was thrilled to learn that Regence offers an opportunity for employees to participate in public service in observation of MLK Day. I’m a remote employee, and I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my local colleagues in Tacoma, so this an especially valued opportunity.

I signed up to compile hygiene kits for distribution by Pierce County Human Services. The day of operation went smoothly. I met with the other volunteers, received a snazzy Regence volunteer t-shirt, and got to work. Putting together the kits was great, but the best part of the experience was being able to share personal stories with my coworkers. There was a time when a black woman and a white woman would not have been able to stand side by side volunteering to help those who are less fortunate. Thankfully, today I can stand shoulder to shoulder with great people of all shapes, shades and ethnicities, working for the greater good and the people in our community.

Recently, I took a moment with my team to share how thankful I am for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I thanked each of them for their integrity and continued mindfulness of the value that diversity plays not just with each other as colleagues, but as innovators of products and services for our Regence customers. The bond I have with my teammates, and with my fellow volunteers, is a testament to Dr. King’s dreams of equality and respect.

– Dijana Steward, Tacoma

Regence MLK Day of Service 2020_5

Lightening the load for those in need

Filling sturdy reusable bags with nutritious proteins, grains and vegetables. Greeting eager kids as they pick up food for their families. Helping the younger ones figure out how to carry a heavy bag. Knowing that you’re helping to make food insecurity a bit less of a reality in your community. These impressions and more have stuck with me from a recent wonderful experience at the Utah Food Bank.

Despite the best of intentions, I’ve found it difficult to find time in a busy life for volunteering. So, I was excited to learn about how much Regence supports employee volunteer efforts when I joined the company this fall! Now, I can follow through on my good intentions and happily volunteer alongside my colleagues every month. It’s gratifying to work for an organization that “walks the talk” through financial and volunteer support that makes a real impact in the community.  

– Audrey Glasby, Salt Lake City  

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