Setting the record straight – EyeHealth Northwest continues to be in-network for Regence members

By Regence
May 04, 2023

We have learned that EyeHealth Northwest recently sent patients a letter advising that its ambulatory surgery centers would leave the Regence network Aug. 1, 2023, and its doctors would be out of network beginning May 15, 2024.

We want to assure Regence members that EyeHealth Northwest doctors and its ambulatory surgery centers currently remain in network and Regence members can use their facilities at in-network rates. We continue to negotiate with the owners of EyeHealth Northwest and hope they will work with us to ensure our members can receive high-quality, affordable care at their facilities.

If we are unable to reach agreement with EyeHealth Northwest and it leaves the Regence network, we will give members at least a 30-day notice, as is our standard practice.

We are disappointed EyeHealth Northwest has chosen to alarm our members about its network status as a tactic to demand double-digit increases in what we pay them for care.

For more than 80 years, Regence has negotiated with Oregon providers to keep costs in check. As a tax-paying nonprofit, our premiums are based on what we expect care to cost. If for-profit providers want even more profit, our members and customers will pay more.

Our network remains strong with local in-network providers dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable health care. Our Customer Service team is available to help those affected search for other in-network providers.