Update to Everett Clinic – Polyclinic negotiations for Medicare Advantage members

By Regence
January 27, 2023

While Regence continues to negotiate in good faith with Optum – the owner of The Everett Clinic and The Polyclinic – they recently posted on their websites that they will no longer serve Regence Medicare Advantage (MA) members after Feb. 12, 2023. (Everett Clinic statement; Polyclinic statement)

We can help you find new care

Regence MA plans have a broad network of providers. We have contacted several provider groups in Puget Sound who are happy to accept new Regence MA patients. Just give us a call at the number on the back of your member ID card and we will be happy to help find an in-network provider near you. 

Why are these providers likely to leave the Regence network? 

Optum has made the decision to leave the Regence network for financial reasons. We have offered renewed contracts to continue to keep both The Everett Clinic and The Polyclinic in our Medicare network, but Optum has refused. 

Our premiums are based on what we expect care to cost. We know our members also face financial challenges with fixed income and inflation and cannot afford the premium increases that would result from meeting Optum’s demands.