Two school districts in southern Idaho will share the $3,000 second-place prize won by legislators from District 25 in the recent Regence BlueShield of Idaho Move It challenge.
Dietrich School District and Gooding School District will receive $1,500 each for health-related activities on behalf of District 25 legislators Sen. Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum), Rep. Wendy Jaquet (D-Ketchum) and Rep. Donna Pence (D-Gooding).
The trio placed second in the four-week competition with 1,433,343 steps. Everyone’s step is slightly different, but it is estimated that it takes 2,000 steps to walk a mile so the District 25 team walked about 716 miles.
District 25’s legislators asked schools in the district to submit grant proposals to be awarded a portion of the money, which is to be used for health-related purposes. Dietrich and Gooding were the winners.
It was the fifth edition of Move It, and participating legislators walked more than 7.6 million steps. During the competition, legislators wore Regence-issued pedometers and recorded the number of steps they took during that period.
The District 1 team of Sen. Shawn Keough (R-Sandpoint) and Reps. Eric Anderson (R-Priest Lake) and George Eskridge (R-Dover) won this year’s title just as they did in 2008. This year, the team took 1,510,023 steps.
Placing third was the District 17 team of Sen. Elliot Werk (D-Boise) and Reps. Sue Chew (D-Boise) and Bill Killen (D-Boise) with 949,891 steps.
Overall, participating legislators walked 7,607,547 steps or about 3,804 miles.
Regence donated $5,000 to the schools of choice of the District 1 winners, $3,000 to the schools of choice of the District 25 runners-up and $2,000 to the schools of choice of the third-place District 17 team.
“By participating in programs like the Move It competition, our state leaders encourage healthier behaviors for our young people,” said Scott Kreiling, President of Regence BlueShield of Idaho. “We would like to thank members of the Idaho legislature for continuing to help us promote this healthy competition.”
Regence began the program because of the rising rate of childhood obesity. The U.S. Surgeon General reports that approximately one third of all adolescents do not get the recommended amount of physical activity. Studies suggest that time spent watching television, playing video games and using computer has contributed to this decrease in physical activity.
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