Regence aims to make dental coverage more accessible by introducing affordable plans that reward individuals for seeking preventive care

PORTLAND, Ore. — Studies link poor oral health with a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and delivery of premature or low birth-weight babies. Despite these documented risks, 45 percent of the U.S. population is living without dental insurance – nearly twice the rate of people without medical insurance.
To help make dental care more accessible to people, Regence Life and Health has introduced two affordable, individual dental plans that reward members for being proactive about their dental health. Under the plans, members who incorporate an annual exam and cleaning into their dental routine are rewarded with an increasing level of dental benefits.
“For people whose employers don’t provide dental coverage, it can be very difficult to find coverage on their own,” said Joe Wilds, chairman and president for Regence Life and Health. “However, Regence’s new individual dental benefits provide a solution for individuals and families seeking affordable and comprehensive coverage – because dental health is too important to leave to chance.”
Details about the Individual Dollar-Based Dental plan:
o       Puts member in control of his/her dental health dollar.
o       Member chooses how to spend their annual benefit, with minimal limitations or exclusions.
o       Each year member takes advantage of a checkup and cleaning, the available benefit dollars increase.
o       With use of preventive care, annual benefit maximum starts at $750, increases annually by $250, until member reaches $1,500.
o       No deductible.
Details about the Individual Incentive Dental plan:
o       Similar to traditional plan with procedure-based benefits, but rewards members for preventive care.
o       Each year member has checkup and cleaning, annual benefits increase and co-insurance decreases.
o       With rewards, member can reach annual benefit of $1,500 by year four.
o       With rewards, by year three Regence will pay 100% of preventive care; 80% of restorative care, such as fillings; and 50% of major dental care like crowns or root canals.
o       $50 deductible for covered services. Deductible waived for exams and cleanings.
“I purchased the Regence Individual Incentive Dental plan because it’s affordable and rewards me for the preventive dental care I already do,” said Ed Clark, insurance agent and Regence customer. “Having a dental plan I can rely on is one of the reasons I have all my original teeth and my heart was healthy enough to climb Mt. Hood on my 75th birthday in June.”
About Regence Life and Health
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