Employers with Regence health insurance will be able to access Fitbit's Ready for Work program that helps employees with early illness detection and improves workplace safety for businesses. Created by Fitbit (NYSE: FIT), the program is especially critical in supporting employees in industries like manufacturing where working from home is not an option during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regence, which serves approximately 3.1 million members in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah, is the first health plan in the United States to make Fitbit’s Ready for Work solution available to employer groups.

“Employers and employees are facing unprecedented stresses when it comes to managing their health and weighing back-to-work options,” said Angela Dowling, Regence’s chief revenue officer. “Our customers are looking for sustainable solutions that will support the health of their workforce. Fitbit’s Ready for Work program offers employers the confidence to make informed decisions on safely returning to the worksite, and also supports employees with digital tools focused on their overall health and wellbeing.”

Offered through Fitbit Health Solutions, Fitbit’s Ready for Work program aims to help employees and employers make informed decisions on returning to work safely and confidently and combat workplace spread of COVID-19. The solution provides access to key health metrics from a Fitbit device (resting heart rate, heart rate variability and breathing rate), along with exposure, symptom and temperature logging.

Fitbit device data and self-logged symptoms are aggregated into an easy-to-use Daily Check-In feature that provides guidance to help employers and employees make informed decisions on safely going to work. As part of Fitbit’s offering, employees will also have access to additional services that promote emotional wellbeing, including weekly webinars, podcasts, videos and other behavioral health content from Fitbit health coaches.

Early research shows that key health indicators from wearables have the potential to identify flu-like illness before symptoms emerge. Through our Ready for Work solution, employees are able to view trends in their Fitbit-tracked health metrics next to self-reported symptoms, from the comfort of their homes, so they can review their health metrics and local guidance to help inform their decision on returning to work” said Amy McDonough, general manager and senior vice president for Fitbit Health Solutions. “This is a continuation of our efforts to provide employers with sustainable, accessible, and engaging solutions to help employees improve their health and wellbeing.”

Regence is also providing a special offer on Fitbit smartwatches, trackers, accessories and Fitbit Premium programming, providing members with the ability to track activity, sleep, heart rate and access to audio workouts and meditation tracks. To learn more, visit regence.com/advantages. Members can sign in and click on “Activities and fitness” to view the Fitbit page; a discount promo code can be found under the “Discount” code section at the top of the webpage.

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