Regence has joined health insurance plans nationwide to promote health equity by working to remove barriers to seniors most at risk of COVID-19.

Health insurance providers have been working with federal, state and local leaders to ensure their members can get vaccinated as quickly and equitably as possible. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) extended that commitment by announcing the Vaccine Community Connectors pilot initiative.

This effort aims to enable vaccination of 2 million seniors ages 65 and older in the nation’s most at-risk, vulnerable and underserved communities, first by focusing on their members and the communities they serve. The health plans are working with urgency while understanding the effort depends on the availability of vaccine supplies.

“Improving health equity means setting important goals, removing barriers to better care, and meeting people where they are,” said Tonya Adams, chief of customer experience and operations at Regence and a national spokesperson for the Vaccine Community Connectors program. “This is a seminal moment in America. We look forward to working with all partners across the public and private sectors to provide millions of seniors with an equal opportunity for protection from this virus.”

Throughout COVID-19, Regence has worked to support members, customers, providers and communities. That now extends to the current effort on vaccines and the national program.

Read more in the full Regence COVID-19 Impact Report, listed below by health plan:

Regence Customer Service professionals are working with Medicare members who have struggled with vaccine registration and scheduling, taking extra time to help members navigate the complexity of the process.

“As vaccines are in greater supply, we want to be in the best position to help our members,” Adams said. “This includes working with federal and state officials and getting on the ground in our communities. We’re all in this together, and we will solve it together.”

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