COVID-19 vaccination info for Regence community partners

By Regence
April 07, 2021
 COVID-19 vaccination info

As more people become eligible for COVID-19 vaccines and doses are more readily available, Regence is committed to supporting timely and equitable vaccine distribution for all. This commitment includes collaboration with our valued community partners to educate local communities, address vaccine uncertainty and remove barriers to access to ensure every individual has the opportunity to obtain a vaccine for themselves and their family. 

State health departments are in charge of vaccine distribution and setting eligibility requirements, and those differ slightly depending on the state. We are committed to helping people know when and where they can get the vaccine as well as helping answer their questions about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy, how it was developed, and the role vaccines play in the health of our communities.

Below is a list of trusted resources to help, which we’ll continue to update as information becomes available. You can also visit and the Regence Newsroom for more about COVID-19.

Information about who’s eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and where to get it:

As of April 19, any adult age 18 and older is eligible for vaccination. In some states, including Utah, Idaho and Oregon, people age 16 and older are eligible. 

Resources and general information about COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution:

If you work for or know of a community partner that needs help with equitable vaccine distribution, send us an email.