Enabling more than 500,000 vaccines in arms

By Regence
April 19, 2021
vaccine injection

Today marks the first time that vaccine appointments are available to all residents across Regence’s four-state footprint. Regence is committed to supporting timely and equitable vaccine distribution for all – including collaborating with our valued community partners to educate local communities, address vaccine uncertainty and remove barriers to access. We’re specifically focused on serving marginalized communities across the state, including low-income households, people experiencing homelessness and BIPOC communities.

April also marks another important milestone: Regence, through our corporate parent and its foundation, has enabled more than 500,000 shots in arms through our philanthropic support of more than 100 community-based organizations.

By helping support on-site clinics, pop-up clinics, mobile clinics and transportation to vaccine centers, these investments are connecting communities to critical vaccines and helping enable social and economic recovery across Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Vaccine-related support:

  • Idaho
    • Number of shots enabled: 106,500
    • Number of organizations supported: 24
  • Oregon
    • Number of shots enabled: 134,100
    • Number of organizations supported: 26
  • Utah
    • Number of shots enabled: 113,400
    • Number of organizations supported: 22
  • Washington
    • Number of shots enabled: 150,400
    • Number of organizations supported: 32

Additionally, we continue to reach out to our members to offer help with vaccines, focusing on health equity by starting with vulnerable older adults as part of the national Vaccine Community Connectors program. We have reached out to more than 30,000 members so far, with another wave of outreach beginning soon.

Finding a vaccine

If you haven’t received your vaccine, please visit your state health department website to find out when and where you can get vaccinated:

You can also visit vaccinefinder.org or call your pharmacy. Many pharmacies and medical clinics can now give the COVID vaccine. This includes large chains like Costco, Safeway, Walgreens and Walmart, as well as smaller regional or local pharmacies. Learn more at regence.com.