FDA and CDC expand booster shot guidance to include all three available vaccines

November 19, 2021
By Regence

Updated Nov. 19, 2021

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have announced expanded booster shot guidance to include all adults age 18 and older. Additionally, eligible people may choose the vaccine they receive as a booster shot.   

  • The Moderna booster may be administered six months after the second shot.  
  • The Johnson & Johnson booster may be administered two months after the single shot.
  • The Pfizer booster, approved in September, may be administered six months after the second shot.

The federal agencies also authorized use of a ‘mix and match’ booster dose. People may choose a single dose of any available COVID-19 vaccine as a booster after they are fully vaccinated. Vaccine booster eligibility depends on the primary vaccine received. Speak with your provider about which vaccine booster is right for you. 

The authorization for expanding booster shots is based on studies that show the COVID-19 vaccine boosters offer people additional protection against variants, like Delta or Mu. Additionally, the studies report receiving a different vaccine booster is safe and effective.  

While no vaccine is 100% effective, all three COVID-19 vaccines significantly reduce severe illness and hospitalization. In the U.S. nearly all cases of severe COVID-19 illness, hospitalization and death have occurred with people not yet vaccinated. All people eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine are encouraged to get their shots. 

The Pfizer vaccine has full FDA approval for adults ages 18 and older and is available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for youth ages 5 through 17. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines also continue to be available under EUA for people 18 and older. People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the second shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 

More information about the available COVID-19 vaccines, including booster shots, is available on the CDC website. Visit your state’s health department website or the CDC’s Vaccine Finder site to find out where all eligible people ages 12 and older can get a COVID-19 vaccine:

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