Supporting members’ health with real-time data and personal outreach

By Regence
December 07, 2022
pharmacy team members

Main image: Amy Chuang (left), pharmacy clinical program manager, and Kimberly Swigart (right), clinical pharmacist at Regence

The daily demands of work and family can push our personal health to the backburner. It’s even more difficult while managing a chronic condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Filling prescriptions and taking medications can quickly become overwhelming, on top of exercise, eating a balanced diet and other healthy habits.

To keep your personal health on track, it helps to have someone in your corner to provide support. And sometimes that help comes from unexpected places like your health plan.

Using data insights to provide real-time support

Kimberly Swigart, a clinical pharmacist at Regence, was reviewing health plan data for members who may have missed a prescription refill. Claims are regularly reviewed for accuracy and to help identify where Regence can help members with any gaps in care. During a routine review, Swigart noticed that a Regence member with a chronic condition hadn’t filled their medication, so she called them.

After the initial phone call, Swigart realized the member’s situation was more complicated than one missed refill. The member wasn’t sure if they should still be taking a medication because their prescription didn’t have any refills left. In addition, the member’s pharmacist was having trouble getting their doctor to follow up after the refill request was sent.

Teaming up to find the right care

Swigart decided to see how she could help the member. She learned the member couldn’t afford equipment to manage their condition at home, and they also lived many miles from their pharmacy. Not being able to manage the condition at home added stress to the member’s overall health and well-being.

After learning more about the member’s personal health and challenges, Swigart contacted Amy Chuang, a pharmacy clinical program manager at Regence, to see how they could help the member. After exploring available health plan resources, Chuang successfully located equipment that would help the member and had it mailed to them. Swigart also called the member’s doctor’s office to confirm that the medication should still be taken daily. The following morning, the member met with their doctor and refilled their regular prescription.

Finding care when and where it’s needed, at the best possible price

Whether you’re trying to find an in-network doctor, compare drug costs or have another health care need, Regence’s award-winning customer service can help. Members can sign in to their account on to explore their health plan benefits as well as live chat or message a Customer Service team member. We can also be reached for help by calling the number on your member ID card.